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No Card!

Another entry in the ‘Things to remember’ category:

When going on a photo safari, make sure you have a memory card in the digital camera.

Ginny and I went out to the Morton Arboretum today to wander around and take some pictures.

After walking about 3/4’s of a mile on one of the paths, I wondered why my camera didn’t have the normal ‘number of shots left’ display.

I tried to preview the shots I had taken and I got the disheartening message “NO CF CARD”.


I had thought I had taken about 30 pictures already … some of which I had high hopes for. Sadly, the camera transfered them to /dev/null.

Luckily Ginny had a spare 256mb card with her … so I was able to get SOME shots.


It’s beginning to look a lot like springtime.

Ginny and I went over to the Chicago Botanical Gardens for a small photo safari to see what signs of spring we could find.

Quite a number of them,as it happens … you can see them too in my gallery.

What is a Speedlite?

The other night, as Ginny and I were driving to dinner … she asked me what I wanted for Chanumas (the odd congomeration of Chanukkah and Christmas that we celebrate).

I told her I would like a Speedlite.

She then asked me what a Speedlite was … I explained it is an external flash unit for Canon cameras.

I explained the various features I wanted (not too many, mainly the tilting flash head).

We then went on to discuss other topics … and I commented that the street lights were wobbling due to the wind.

She didn’t think it was due to the wind … she thought the bulbs in the speed lights were going out because she didn’t see all the street lights wobbling.

It took a moment for us to realize her fauxpau … and then we both burst out laughing.

Ok, yeah, we’re easy to amuse.

Seussical – The Musical!

My friend Earle was in a play recently… Susical … which is a musical based on various Dr. Seuss stories.

It was quite entertaining … and Steve & I were conscripted into doing some photos for the troupe. Last week we did a bunch of candids while they were getting made up. Yesterday, in addition to actually seeing the performance, we did the cast photo.

It came out quite well, IMHO … I had to go up on a big elevated platform so I could get a downward looking shot.
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Black-bodied Digital Rebel

Oh this just sucks!

Canon’s EOS Digital Rebel, the camera that put the excitement of SLR digital photography into the hands of consumers, will now be available for a limited time in a new black body

Black-bodied Canon Digital Rebel (EOS 300D): Digital Photography Review

When I got Ginny her Digital Rebel I had HOPED to get her one with a black body … so it would be easier for us to tell our cameras apart.

After doing research I determined that I coudln’t get one outside of Japan, so I ordered the normal one.

Now, of course, they release the Rebel with a black body.

Autumn Colors

I finally got some autumn color pictures.

This weekend was extraordiarily busy … clothes shopping, cousin’s bar-mitzvah, try to get wireless networking installed at my brother’s house, more clothes shopping, bar-mizvah party, fix some plumbing (no flood), a show at the Marriott, and dinner afterwards.

Before the show, Ginny went to volunteer at a Kerry / Edwards campaign phone bank … after I did some plumbing repair (considered a resounding victory … only had to go to Menards twice and didn’t flood the street) I wandered over towards the theater.

I was very early … so I grabbed my camera and tried to find a forest preserve to walk around in. Couldn’t find the forest preserve, but I did find a nice park on Oxford Drive in Lincolnshire. It had a pond, playground, and was near the DesPlaines river.

Got a few nice pictures … obviously plenty of ducks 🙂

Ginny is getting a new camera

Found a great deal on a Canon Digital Rebel … about $700 after rebate. It’s even a reputable vendor.

Since Ginny’s been chomping at the bit for a new camera, I figured it was too good a deal to pass up.

It should be here sometime this week. I had thought about hiding it and giving it to her around the holidays, but I figured she would kill me if she found out I had it for 2 months and didn’t give it to her.

We’ll probably sell the HP 315 … but I am kind of interested in getting a camera that has decent resolution, but is really small. Maybe one of the lower end Canon’s?

Fall at the Botanic Gardens

Ginny and I went out to the Chicago Botanic Gardens today. It was a perfect day for it. Sunny, cool, slight breeze.

Of course we had our cameras … took a bunch of pictures, some came out well, others … well, you know.

Ginny made some rumblings about wanting a better camera … and how much she liked the way my pictures came out with my Canon Digital Rebel.

I’m thinking there might be a rather expesnive holiday present in her future 🙂