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Lightsail Network Isolation

Amazon Lightsail started offering a managed database service a few months ago.

I took a look at it … and tried it out … a while back and wasn’t really happy with it.

Although it had some nice features, I wasn’t given a ‘root’ (or super user) account and (as I sometimes do) was able to completely trash the instance within a few hours of creating it (I tried to manipulate the permissions on the master database user and ended up revoking all of them).

So I was considering creating my own database server using MySQL on a stand alone Amazon Linux instance.

This would give me a stand alone database with the flexibility to do anything I wanted.

My big concern was network security. I wanted to make sure that only my Lightsail instances would be able to communicate with the database server.

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Virtualization Test

OK, I’m jumping in with both feet.

This post starts my test of server virtualization.

This blog is now running on a virtualized instance of CentOS 5.5 … running inside a CentOS 5.5 managed XEN hypervisor.

It has 4gb of RAM and two processors allocated.

Keep your fingers crossed. 🙂

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