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More on Amazon Lightsail

As a follow-on to my first post about Amazon Lightsail, here’s some additional information that I’ve discovered…

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LetsEncrypt certbot and Lightsail

Although not directly supported, it’s quite possible to use the LetsEncrypt certbot client on Amazon Lightsail Linux. First of all … what is LetsEncrypt? Let’s Encrypt is a free service that offers basic SSL certificates any web site.  The certificates are good for 90 days but can be renewed indefinitely. With the proper software, the …

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Amazon Lightsail

Ha! I’ll be you thought this blog was dead. Well, truth be told, it was pretty close … but you never know when inspiration will strike. So a little while ago I had a hardware failure on one my servers. This incident has given me the incentive to try and move some of the servers …

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