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Annoying Software

ZDNet UK has a great summary of some of the most annoying software products around.

I pretty much agree with them on all counts … although my personal annoyance with anything that tries to install the Yahoo tool bar goes way beyond what they indicate.

I also really dislike Java’s insistence on a background task that’s constantly checking for updates. Personally, I think that any stand alone product that requires Java should install it’s own copy. Updating Java without considering the requirements of the software that is dependent on it is asking for trouble.

“Important Message” in Quicken

I’ve been using Quicken for many years … and for the past 8 years or so I’ve had this annoying problem. Every time I would download transactions from my bank, I would get this dialog box popping up …

Important message from Bank One (Chicago)

Of course Bank One had been bought out by Chase a few years ago, so the message was clearly wrong.

I finally got fed up with the annoyance and started searching for a solution … and I found one on the Quicken Community forums.

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