Windows 7 & Norton Ghost

For those of you who are playing around with Windows 7 (like me) and use Norton Ghost to back your machine, you’ll probably be interested in the next version of Ghost.

It’s not yet available … but the manual for Ghost 15 can be found on Symantec’s ftp server (don’t know how long that link will work).

Not a huge number of enhancements … but it does add Windows 7 support.

I’m hoping it gets released pretty quickly.

Update 14-Nov-2009:
Looks like the new version is going to be released next week … I just found it on

2 thoughts on “Windows 7 & Norton Ghost

  1. Mitch Gibbs

    Does Ghost support VHD files? I switched to Acronis True Image a while ago since it would let me boot a backup image in a Virtual PC instance. I used Ghost back before Symantec bought it and it was amazing back then. I’m guessing they’ve improved it significantly in the succeeding 15 versions 😉

  2. david

    Does Ghost support VHD files?

    Ghost will let you convert it’s backup files into Virtual disks that will work with both Virtual PC and VMWare.


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