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Http/2, Apache, & Lightsail

This post only covers the technical details of how to implement http/2 on an Apache web server running in Amazon Linux on Lightsail. It does not go into the details of what http/2 is or why use it. For that information, I suggest https://http2.github.io.

First you have to switch the Multi-Processing Modules (MPMs) from pre-fork (the default) to another one. I chose the event mpm for no particular reason.

To do this, edit /etc/httpd/conf.modules.d/00-mpm.conf and make the following changes …

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mailbait redux

For anyone who runs a mailing list and has gotten pummeled recently with a rash of subscription attempts, they may be coming from mailbait.info.

A while ago I blogged on how to block mailbait, but it appears they have changed their host.

Their new host is ‘themailbait.bitbucket.org’.

I suggest you update your web server configuration to block any referrer that references the word ‘mailbait’ in the URL.

Here’s my new httpd.conf entry to block mailbait…

SetEnvIf Referer mailbait mailbait
Deny from env=mailbait
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