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To Blog, or not to Blog, that is the question

This post started out as something very different … many months ago.   In fact, the original post still sits in my ‘draft’ list … but will never be posted.

Most of those who know me well understand that I have a lot of opinions (who doesn’t) … and I’m sometimes not afraid to express them.

The original blog post started out as a discussion of religion, politics, and how my views differed drastically from those of my co-workers, friends, and colleagues in the IBM i industry.

But, as I started to write the post (which, I might add, had an incredibly clever title that Ginny helped me come up with), I realized that the content of the post would probably offend a lot of people that I have to work with on a day to day basis, and others that I interact with quite frequently.

What is said on the internet, stays on the internet … forever

– Unknown (but I doubt I came up with it)

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