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Gateway Recovery Manager error 205

A few days ago Ginny’s desktop machine (a home built system cobbled together from various parts I had on hand) finally gave up it’s ghost.   It wouldn’t book up, just gave one long beep, waited a few seconds, gave another long beep, over and over.

Well, her laptop (Dell Inspiron 8600) is almost out of warranty … and she’s not going to be getting my Dell Latitude D630 (due to the Latitude E6400 being returned), so I figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get her a new computer.

So we went over to CompUSA (formerly Tiger Direct) and looked at the small form factor desktop systems.       We chose a Gateway SX2800-01 system (Core 2 Quad, 4gb RAM, 640gb SATA disk, 64bit Vista Home).   The only problem was that it had on-board Intel video and no DVI output (although it does have HDMI output).   Cost about $500.   FWIW: This is Ginny’s first new computer in quite a while.   Most of her other computers were hand-me-downs (from me).

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