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Bad Travel Karma

It seems that I’ve got really bad travel karma (see Mauipocolypse and Mauipocolypse 2.0) .

I’m currently sitting at the gate in Orlando airport because my original flight (scheduled for 7:15am) was canceled due to weather in Chicago.   The worst part was the fact I had to wake up at 3:30am for the airport shuttle bus.

After they announced that the flight was canceled, they sent everyone back to get their luggage and then to the ticket counter to get re-booked.

So I got rebooked for a later flight … with a connection through DFW.

Luckily, when I told Ginny about my flight change … she was able to find an earlier direct flight, so I’ll be home in the early afternoon.

Hopefully the weather in Chicago clears up and this flight doesn’t have problems.

Keep your fingers crossed.