ADT Once More

Yep, ADT missed another appointment.   At least they called before hand.   That doesn’t mitigate the fact that I took off early from work again.

I don’t know why I expect anything better from ADT … they’ve established a clear pattern.

I’ve rescheduled once again … I’m seriously thinking of calling ADT tomorrow, speaking to a supervisor, and informing them that … if they miss this next appointment … I’ll be invoicing THEM for my time (which, I suspect, is worth a lot more than their’s is).

It absolutely boggles my mind that service providers have no compunction about telling customers to be be home for a 4 hour span of time … and then not showing up.

2 thoughts on “ADT Once More

  1. Jon Angliss

    I’ve had this with Comcast several times when we’ve had outages that are obviously there issue. Though, saying that, I have had them turn up earlier than they should have as well, fortunately it was a morning appointment, and I didn’t go into work.

    Also had it recently with my apartment complex, after THEY flooded my apartment from the neighboring apartment, didn’t bother calling us to tell us they’d done it (admitted they had flooded it when we called them), then took 3 weeks to return the carpet they finally took up.

  2. david

    Sears actually surprised me … I had them scheduled to come out to do PM on the dishwasher … and they showed up on time and called before they were on their way. Quite nice.

    Friday I have an acid test though … HVAC company is coming out to do a cleaning & inspection of the furnace … and Comcast is coming out to swap out our cable box for cable card for the new HD Tivo I bought (don’t have a HD TV yet, but maybe for xmas).


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