‘Tis The Season to Upgrade! (or not)

Yes, it’s that time of year again … UPGRADE TIME!

With the release of Fedora 12 a few months ago, I’m taking the holiday break from work to get my servers up to a more current version of Linux.

The fact that Fedora 10, the version of Linux I am currently running, is no longer going to be updated added a little more incentive.

So far I’ve got gondor upgraded from the Fedora 12 DVD.   It’s now downloading all the updates (524mb worth!)

No major glitches yet … although the font for the console is kind of screwed up.   Need to look into that.   There were a few issues with Apache modules not loading, but they weren’t hard to fix.

And, before you ask, yes … I did do a complete system backup of gondor before I started the upgrade (although I used Norton Ghost).

Tomorrow I’ll upgrade rivendell.

Update 28-Dec-2009:

Well, the upgrades didn’t go so well.

I upgraded rivendell to Fedora 12 … but couldn’t get Mailman to work anymore.   I suspect some kind of Python issue.   I’ve saved the error information and will investigate it again.

Luckily the backup was solid … so I was able to recover the system without too much trouble.

This morning I got email from Marty, who’s websites I host, saying that his sites were down.

I investigated and found that there was about 300+ instances of the httpd process (this is the program that is the core of the Apache web server).   Unfortunately there was no error information in the error log.

Since I had no diagnostics to track down the problem, I decided to restore to the backup and try again later.

The restore went well, and both systems are now back up to their previous condition.

Maybe I’ll upgrade to Fedora 11 instead of 12 later.

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