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I just finished the 12th book in Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden series … Changes.

The book was quite good … very intense … and a shocker of an ending.

I thought this was the last book of the series … but I’ve read somewhere else that there are eight more books planned for the series.

I got hooked on the Dresden series when SciFi (currently known as SyFy) was showing the Dresden TV series.   I was quite disappointed to see the series end.   It had a lot of potential, in my opinion.

One significant thing about this book was not the book itself … but how I read the book.   I purchased it as an eBook from the Apple bookstore and read it on my iPhone.

I have to say … I was surprised how easy reading the book on my iPhone was.

I enjoyed the experience of using the Apple reader software.   The book metaphor was done quite nicely … right down to turning pages (where you can see the back of the page you are turning, and if you move your finger slowly, the page bends gradually).

The only real downside for me was the size … the display is pretty small.   Even though it was small, it was very easy to read.   I went through the book quite quickly.

The fact that I could read a book in bed, without the light on to disturb Ginny, was gravy.

I really wish there was a standard for eBooks so that you can buy a book from one vendor (say, amazon.com) and read the book on another vendors reader (like the Apple reader).

Given my druthers … I would probably buy eBooks from amazon.com, so I can read the book on multiple devices if needed, but I would prefer to read them using the Apple reader.

Those who have talked to me about the iPad know that I would only get one if I wanted an eBook reader … and, since I’ve kind of gotten used to the idea of eBooks … I’m seriously considering getting an iPad.

I’m not sure if I will get a iPad 3G though … I admit it would probably be nice to have on occasion … but I can’t see myself using it that much.

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  1. Scott Klement

    Isn’t EPUB the open standard format for eBooks?

    One thing I like about Smashwords.com, is that when you buy a book, they give it to you in all of the different formats (EPUB, PDF, MOBI, PALM, etc.)

    Nahid Sewell (an IBM i personality) wrote a book called The Ruby Tearcatcher that she published through Smashwords. I bought her book there (good book, by the way) and downloaded it in EPUB format to read on my iPad, works brilliantly. And since my one purchase entitles me to the same book in several other formats, I can read it elsewhere if I like.

    Also, if you’re looking to read books from Amazon, it might be worth knowing that there’s a free Kindle app (published by Amazon) for iPad. I don’t like Kindle as much as iBooks, though… so I’d rather get my book in a format like EPUB that runs in iBooks.

    I thought you might be interested, since you said you wished there was a standard so you could read stuff anywhere.

  2. Mitch Gibbs

    Yeah, epub is a functionally useless standard until the DRM stuff is worked out. I’ve got an iPad and use it about 40% as an eReader. I’ve tried all of the reading software and, once you get past bells and whistles which mean something when you’re looking at the Reader but nothing when you graduate to using the reader to read (if that makes sense). The dictionary And in-book searching in iBooks was the main functional differentiator. Now that the Kindle iOS app has those, It is not a question for me. Amazon has a larger selection, better cross platform support, and occasionally cheaper prices (I have yet to see a book cheaper in the iBook store). That said, the iPad does give you the ability to choose as there are apps for Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and others.


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