WordPress export / import is broken

Folks, this is just a warning for those of you who might be considering using the WordPress Export / Import functionality to transfer your blog to another server.

Be aware, it appears to be broken … at least in the 3.0 release.

When I transferred this blog from a stand alone WordPress install to a multi-site install I used the export function on the old blog and then imported it into the multi-site blog.

I just noticed that a lot of my posts were cutoff in the middle … sometimes after the first paragraph.

I haven’t found a pattern yet, but I’ll keep digging into it.

So if you do try to do the export / import method, make sure you review EVERY post in your blog to make sure it wasn’t cut off.

2 thoughts on “WordPress export / import is broken

  1. Paul Pritchard

    I used the export/import functionality several months ago and had no problems with WordPress itself. What I did have a problem with, however, was that my hosting provider imposes a limit of 8MB on uploaded files – so I ended up manually chopping up the exported files in order to upload them.

    One thing I found when I started looking into why the files were so big is that the export includes all of the comments – including the thousands which are marked as spam and which you never see.

    If I go through this process again, it may well be worth purging all of the spam before starting.


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