I Do Not Believe in Evolution!

Yes, you read that right.

I do not BELIEVE in Evolution.


It’s simple … you CANNOT believe in evolution.

Evolution is not something to be believed or disbelieved … Evolution simply IS.

Evolution is based on scientific facts … observed, tested, reviewed, confirmed.

Regardless if you accept it or not.

For me, a more appropriate statement would be: I understand evolution.  I comprehend evolution.

I understand the general concepts at least … the intricate biological details are no doubt beyond my level of expertise… but what I do understand of evolution makes perfect sense … there cannot be any other explanation for what has been observed in the natural world.

Even those who do not accept evolution have observed it … they have may have even experienced it.  Perfect example: Drug resistant diseases.

You get a bacterial infection … you go to the doctor and he gives you some drugs (some form of penicillin, for example).  You take the drugs, but the infection doesn’t go away.  Why?  One reason is because the bacteria that caused the infection are resistant to the drug you took.  The weaker forms of the bacteria were killed off by the drug allowing the stronger forms to survive.  They reproduced retaining the ability to resist the drugs.  So, you stay sick (or get sick again) but the drugs don’t work anymore.  So you go back to the doctor and get stronger drugs.

This post has been percolating in my brain for quite a while … glad I finally got it off my chest.


One thought on “I Do Not Believe in Evolution!

  1. Parker

    Evolution is obvious in the sense that everything changes. This issue really is less relevant or important as soon as one begins to understand that consciousness is the ultimate ingredient composing reality, not matter. Matter cannot evolve. It’s painfully obvious. Matter is dead, lifeless, inert, dull, unconscious. Only by the presence or influence of consciousness does matter take on different qualities and become animate. If a person cannot understand this simple fact, it’s pointless speaking with them or trying to reason with them because they have already decided that Reality is relative to their own mental concoctions and rationalizations. Why? Because holding matter to be the fundamental ingredient composing reality and then reasoning that intelligence and consciousness comes from it, is pure mental concoction, a perversion and abandonment of common sense.


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