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I Do Not Believe in Evolution!

Yes, you read that right. I do not BELIEVE in Evolution. Why? It’s simple … you CANNOT believe in evolution.

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32 Percent

Excuse me? ‘valid scientific alternative’??? What’s scientific about the bible? Where is the proof?

Personally, I think that any teacher who is found teaching Creationism or Intelligent Design should loose their teaching certificate. They shouldn’t even be allowed to be a substitute teacher.

I’ve said it before … I’m saying it now .. and I’m sure I’ll say it again … science class is for teaching FACTS … not religion.

Florida is going to be the laughing stock

I heard this on Morning Edition as I was getting ready for work … Florida’s legislature is working out the details of a bill that would either allow or require science teachers to present students with alternatives to the theory of evolution. It could signal a new opening in the perennial battle over evolution in …

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