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Well this is a fine capper for the vacation … at 6am this morning we were woken up to the sound of the Tsunami alert siren.

The earth quake in Chile caused a tsunami wave that’s going to hit the Hawiian islands. Current estimates are that a 6′ to 8′ wave will be here around 11am local time.

We’re currently camped out at the Kiehi Luthern Church parking lot, well away from the shore. Lots of people with the same idea too.

Hopefully our flight won’t be delayed. But, just in case, I’m glad we brought extra supplies.

Kind of blows our original plans for the day … We were going to head to the up country and Halleakela national park, before going to the airport. Looks like were staying put for the time being.


Wailea Marriott LuauNo trip to Hawaii would be complete without a Luau … and this trip is no different.

Ginny and I went to see the Wailea Marriott’s Luau titled Honua’ula.

We’ve been to a number of luau’s in the past … some good, some not so good.

We’ve actually been to this Luau in the past … and it’s totally different than before.   Much better and, in my opinion, one of the best we’ve been to.

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Off we go on another adventure.

Well, ‘adventure’ is a strong word … as we’re going back to Maui … an island we’ve been to a number of times.

None the less … a much needed, and well deserved, vacation.

Unfortunately, the trip didn’t start out that well … a series of very bad airline events gave a somewhat bad flavor to the first day.

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